A day full of entertainment, not only for children

What an original gift to give to the kids for their holiday? In Olsztyn you can go to space travel, to compete with ostriches and swimming in pools full of balls. Parents will not be bored.

Although June 1 is the children, you should take this opportunity to spend time with the family. Moreover, the majority of activities organised on this day, intended also for the parents.

An unusual spot for a family trip is the ostrich farm – Strusiolandia in Bouquet (Bukwład) near Olsztyn. You can see here the biggest birds in the world, with a size of about 250 cm in addition to ostriches here you will see ponies, chickens reparatie – the so-called golosheykin, sheep, goats, rabbits, peacocks, pheasants. This is the perfect place for a family holiday surrounded by forests and lakes. In the sentence: the horse-drawn carriage ride and horse riding. The kitchen offers a delicious tomato soup and chicken broth with noodles, as well as unusual dishes: Warminski, mushroom soup, steak with ostrich, or ostrich Burger. On Saturdays the farm is open from 11 to 20 and on Sundays from 11 to 19. For entry, adults pay 5 PLN, child 4 PLN – the price of the ticket for children pony ride or 5 minutes jumping on the trampoline.

Fans of active rest and extreme experience can visit the rope Park . In the Olsztyn they have already three Makumb Sikorskiego street in the woods near the supermarket real, the next two are in the urban forest: Forest and Hardcore . Each one is specially prepared routes for children. About security visitors to the Park taken care of by professional coaches who will select the appropriate equipment and will introduce guests to the basics of walking on the ropes. When children will try their strength in this discipline, the parents can move in with cable car descent or climbing activities. The price of these attractions depends on the track that we want to conquer – from 20 to 70 PLN.

Rope garden Makumba is also a Park of gigantic insects is among the 30 exhibits can see a ladybug, mosquito, caterpillar, flea, and others. For discounted Park ticket giants insects will pay 10 zł for ticket for adults – 12 PLN.

A similar attraction, but not under the open sky, offering rooms games for kids . In Olsztyn there are Figlolandia street Barcza 12 and Małpi Gaj on Dworcowa St. 68. Among the many attractions are slides, pools with balls, plastic houses, mazes, rope bridges, swings – in short, everything to have fun and spend some energy. Parents can at this time to sit quietly in a cafe and relax, while their children are cared for by a professional staff. The price for the first hour is about 12 PLN. Halls of entertainment are open until 19:30 and 20:00.

Unforgettable fun can be a visit to the planetarium olsztynski on ul Piłsudskiego 38. The object is equipped with modern Fulldome system so that you can enjoy in three-dimensional space journey to visit the planet to see the Earth from any distance. Are sessions that push You in the chair. Weekend sessions are held at: 10, 12, 14, 17 and 18 hours. There are four films to choose from and all in Russian. An adult ticket is 14 PLN, reduced 10 PLN.

Also some hotels have prepared for this weekend of special attractions.

Hotel SPA in the city Pluski near Olsztyn invites you to a three night stay. In the children’s Day, the hotel organizes a picnic with the shows dance, dance competition, learning the basic dance steps, as well as a contest for rasplakalsya family. The program also sports competitions with surprises: racing, relay games, obstacle course, family Olympics, and the integration of the animation: mega chess Board or a colored dice. Unusual, too, will be the show of huge bubbles. The children themselves will learn to do them. They will also be able to take riding lessons and participate in a joint fire with roasting sausages on the fire.

A three-day stay costs about 250 PLN per person.

Hotel Star Dadaj in Remove (Ramsowie) – 35 km from Olsztyn, offers an active holiday. June 1, the hotel organizes a tournament Zumba – Latin dance with elements of fitness. 15 will start an event for the little ones: dance workshops and playing in the fresh air: “the Little detectives on the trail of the mysteries of the hotel.” A day full of fun, one adult with a child will pay 65 PLN.

A day full of entertainment, not only for children
What an original gift to give to the kids for their holiday? In Olsztyn you can go to space travel, to compete with ostriches and swimming in pools full of…

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