Amusement Park “Asterix”

Amusement Park “Asterix” was built thanks to the huge popularity of the cartoon about the Romans and the Gauls are ancestors of the French. This unique entertainment Park was opened in 1989. It is equipped with the latest technologies and today is the second largest amusement Park in France after Disneyland. It is located just 30 km from Paris and is open from April to October from 9.00 to 21.00. In the Park “Asterix” you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the heroes of the comic Asterix and his friends and their life. Here you will make an amazing journey through the pages of history, take a ride on the fantastic rides will visit the stunning theater, will take part in the adventurous adventures.

Loop This ride is for the dreamers to rise in the sky. But beware, the descent promises to be exciting. This attraction under the name “Goudurix” is the most impressive “dead loop” in all of Europe. Here you have at the height of 36.5 meters to overcome 950 meters of climbs, descents and breathtaking turns at a speed of 75 km/h – which is a real adrenaline adventure.

Tunnel a Huge stone of Zeus Zeus will put you on the tip of their tongue, and send you on a dizzying journey in which you have only 1.5 minutes to overcome the 1.2 km of road, and even obstacles. The river of Elis, You probably will think that a walk along the river, Alice on the lovely Greek boat is a peaceful attraction. But we should not relax, because along the way you will meet Lenska Hydra. This mythical snake with seven heads, which fought by Heracles, will carry you in their tentacles with great speed. Dolphinarium Visiting the marine theatre of Poseidon, you will be able to enjoy performances of dolphins and sea lions. Going down to the lower tier of the theater you will find yourself close to these wonderful animals that gracefully glide through the water. Water Express If you visit this Park you have a great desire to help Obelisco, then you should use a water tram Menhir Express. Here you will find slopes with small hills and low spatter. At the end of the trip you will surprise spectacle.

Colliding with cars, You think of Galo-Roman cars don’t exist? Possible, but not in the Park Asterix! Here you will have the possible to correct these wagons, and for the little guests of the Park are in for a surprise in the form of participation in the Galo-Roman war. Paris street the Gauls were famous for their talented craft, and in the middle Ages was able to reach the top of the craft. Take a stroll in the streets of Paris, marvel at them, look at the workshops and watch them work. If a walk in the Park played you have the appetite, then check out the restaurant Halte des Chevaliers. in which you will have a Royal feast!

Strolling through the Park of Parc Asterix, do not lose vigilance! On the way you can meet the famous gang of robbers. That they conspired to steal the Mona Lisa! Is they know a huge number of all sorts of tricks and tricks. That they have prepared for you fireworks and amazing stunts – the adventure continues!

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