Amusement Park Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the most popular amusement parks on the East coast of the United States. He is in new Jersey, and it is very convenient to get there from new York. The Park is divided into eleven thematic zones, each of which has its own set of roller coasters and other rides, designed for children and adults. The most interesting in the Park — this is a roller coaster (rides). of which about ten are particularly bad. In this Park is the highest and fastest ride in the world: Kingda-Ka (Kingda-Ka). on which the carriage accelerates in literally a couple of seconds up to speeds over 200 km/h, then climbs vertically in a spiral to a height of 45-storey building, and then steeply drops down.

Many who come to the US, I would like to see us in the Park of attractions. If you’re in new York, Six Flags Great Adventure the best place. So a few tips.

For a trip to the Park need to be out the whole day. Here you can lunch, and dinner. Hours may vary depending on the day of the week, especially in the cold season. In April, September and October the Park is open weekends only, from November to March the Park is closed.

New Lorcaadonai just to ride the bus. The bus company NJ Transit — route 308 — sent on the morning of the Park at 09.30 from the bus station Port Authority Bus Terminal. Departure from the Park in new York, not before 17.30.

Convenient morning departure to buy a complete ticket in a special ticket office Port Authority Bus Terminal for $ 61 (look for the cashier, where the scoreboard shows “Six Flags Great Adventure”). The price includes a trip to the Park and back, and a ticket. You can pay only the fare and buy a ticket directly at the Park, but it will cost more.

It is best to wear the clothes in which the pockets, otherwise small items, money can fall out during a trip on the roller coaster. Shoes too should be comfortable and fastened, no sandals or flip-flops.

No things, bags and so on high-speed dangerous rides to take are not allowed, this is strictly monitored. Beside these attractions there are electronic lockers where you can leave your stuff for a short time for $ 1-2.

On weekends and holidays, especially in summer, the Park can be very crowded, so it is possible long queues at the most popular (i.e. most horrible) slides. The waiting time can reach 1-1,5 hours. If you don’t want to stand in queues, you can return to the Park for an additional fee to buy so-called “quick ticket” (Flash Pass ). The cheapest — Regular Flash Pass costs 45 dollars per person (or $ 74 for two) and allows you to not stand in line, and come to the appointed hour. This requires that the Flash Pass to get a special voucher to the specified time in the machine near the attraction. Keep in mind that Flash Pass is valid on all rides, but only on the most popular (about 10-15). In addition, the number of tickets Flash Pass sold in the Park during the day is limited, so if you decide to use this service, buy them as early as possible. There are more expensive types of Flash Pass to reduce the waiting time in the queue.

The Park has a lot of different cafes, eateries, everywhere sold hamburgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, so food is no problem. Their products to bring to the Park impossible.

In the Park you can smoke only in special areas, marked with the sign “Smoking Area”.

The Park is huge. To get from one attraction to another, sometimes you have to make a long trip. To properly navigate immediately to the entrance to grab a map.

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That is certainly the adrenaline! Is it just me, or Disney-Land – sophomoric compared to?

Disneyland and designed in General for children. And Six Flags and the children and adults have a place to frolic.

While the tickets can only be purchased on the day of departure to the Park? is there any chance that the seats in the bus on the day of departure will be less than willing to go? is it possible to buy them in advance? thank you)

Oksana, as far as I know, buy a ticket for travel with the admission ticket to the Park only on the day of departure. Advance purchase tickets are pointless, because the tickets for the buses in America are always sold without seats. As a rule, to the bus vastaavalla the queue, respectively, if you don’t have enough space in this bus, you will have to wait for the next (in some cases appoint an additional bus, but that’s not guaranteed). Direct bus route 308 from Port Authority goes only once a day. It sold an integrated ticket. So if you are going to the Park on weekends or holidays, it is best to arrive early. If you want to go later, then just change to regular buses.

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