Asterix and Obelix .

The heroes of the French comic book, we are more known for the films with the participation of Gerard Depardieu, I invite you on a fascinating journey through five periods of history from Ancient Gaul to the present day. Park Asterix is the second most visited theme Park in France after Disneyland. Unlike its American counterpart, the French Park is not without national flavor, hearty and cozy, with fewer people in line

The Gallic village is the most saturated atmosphere of movies. Here are the main event; a circus and a cinema, restaurant Gallic cuisine here, too. As for the rides, the Gallic village you can ride on the ancient boat, ride on a small roller coaster and the carousel. In addition, there is a children’s Playground La ForΓͺt des druides (druids) with slides and magical grottoes.

In the Roman Empire suggest a ride on the Carousel of Caesar .

And in Ancient Greece to get a dose of adrenaline in the Tunnel of Zeus . In the Theater of Poseidon enjoy a show of dolphins and sea lions. The marine creatures can also be enjoyed through the transparent glass under water, and if desired, you can swim with them.

On the territory of the Vikings many water rides and the biggest coaster Parc Asterix – Goudurix . length 750 m, with a height of 37 m and a top speed of 75 km/h.

Once in the Middle ages you will see an area of Old Paris, old houses and a Romanesque Church, troubadours, fire-breathers and jugglers, sculptors, glassblowers and potters, blacksmiths and wood carvers. Here is one of the most famous attractions of the Park – Oxygenarium – a huge swirling water ride on which you go down the giant inflatable wheels

In addition, this entertainment Park is also just beautiful, it is nice to just walk and dinner in one of the many restaurants.

Admission: Children under 2 years free of charge Children 3-11 years old 29 euros for adults 12 years and over 39 EUR

Opening hours of the Park Asterix . 10-18 Park is open daily from April to August, at other times several days a month.

Loved these films, and even still love.

Think spring break in Europe is always fun. Happy take your child to Europe on vacation.

Park Asterix is soooo interesting! and spring break in Europe is just a fairy tale! I hope my dream will soon come true, Chu-bit left πŸ™‚

I really film at the time liked it, and probably Park Asterix would have liked too, but it is a pity that I will soon not see, but read)

Also happy to be visited Parc Asterix with the children. It’s like a visit to the most famous French impressions last long.

Spring break in Paris – the dream of my daughter. I hope this year it will come true, at the end of March my baby will be 10 years (almost anniversary))), that thinking with her husband to take her to Disneyland.

Spring break in France – the dream of my life since childhood. I hope she someday will come true!

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