The beautiful town of Billund in Denmark he has earned so many good reviews among tourists. He is absolutely calm, beautiful and, of course, well-developed infrastructure. Children in Billund pulls like a magnet, thanks to the world famous Legoland Park. In this Danish city is a manufacturing plant of a favorite children’s designer.

Many tourists like to just walk in the streets of Billund. For several centuries in the city there are lovely colorful three storey house offers a rustic atmosphere, the people hardworking and kind. This is not to say that the city is poor, on the contrary has, due to its famous attractions, it has large income and is growing rapidly.

Weather in Billund

Many tourists believe that the city of Billund is much warmer than the capital of Denmark. Of course, temperate continental climate throughout the year allows local residents to not only obtain good yields, but not to face natural disasters. In winter in Billund there is no strong frosts, the temperature at this time drops to -5 max. And in the summer in Billund you will have to pester heat, maximum day temperature in summer is +23. Due to the proximity of the Baltic sea in the city you can often experience high humidity, and in summer-osenniaia there are frequent rains. But in winter there is not much rain, heavy snowfall Billund haven’t seen.

What to see?

The brightest attraction in Billund is the Legoland amusement Park. They are so eager to get adults and children. In this site you will plunge into the world of childhood and believe that all dreams come true. Spend the day in Legoland, you’ll be able for 350 DKK (children 300).

Another place where you can spend time with the whole family, is a Safari Park Givskud. Animals in the zoo do not live in cages, and move freely on the territory of the Park, so visitors may visit it without guide and special car (rented at the entrance).

The Lalandia water Park also became one of the favorite destinations of tourists Billund. It has everything for water sports. Once inside, you seem to plunge into the world of tropical jungle.

In Billund there are a lot of attractions that will introduce you to the history and culture of the city. In Olhom Huset Museum you can admire the art collection of contemporary artists. You can visit the very interesting Museum farm Karensminde, where you will get acquainted with agricultural tools and flavor of Danish villages. Known in Billund Museum of honey and wine brewing, where you can learn the tradition and some recipes of production of local wines and Beers. In this you can buy the wines of the best varieties at a low price.

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