Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is a huge amusement Park and attractions, fabulous mini-town. The size of it is 1943 hectares and is located in Paris and 32 km from it.

To go to Disneyland from Paris and 45 min to the stop Marne-la-Vallee train RER a direction “A”. The fare is 6 euros. Disneyland can be reached by car – on the highway from Paris taking the exit 14 Val d’europe, Parc Disneyland and you are in the city of dreams! In the summer Park opening hours from 9.00 to 23.00, and in other seasons – from 10.00 to 20.00, work during holidays, better to clarify in advance. Disneyland is, in fact, the amusement Park and Walt Disney studios. The Amusement Park is not a chaotic conglomeration of rides, it has a very clear thematic distinction. Starts Disneyland with the “Main Road in the USA”(Main Street USA). This whole street style of the beginning of the twentieth century, with its shops, hairdressers and restaurants a century ago. And, of course, the main thing here is the station with the locomotives, which guests ride around the Park on the narrow gauge railway, do not forget to visit Sleeping beauty’s castle. Here you will see fireworks and the night light parade and the whole parade of disney characters!

In “the Border country” (Frontierland), the spirit of the Wild West. Exotic Indians, dashing cowboys, animals of America takes you into the world of exciting adventures. Here is the famous attractionamerican slides, and a Ghost House and much more. Including show Tarzan and the adventures of Mickey mouse. In the “land of adventure” (Adventureland) young travelers will see the house of Robinson Crusoe and the Pirate ship will be able not only to participate in the search of pirate treasure in the maze of Islands of adventure, but also feel very Indiana Jones in the Temple of the danger. Features here 6 rides.

“Land of fantasy” (Fantasyland) with 13 rides will always find its audience, because of its “residents” — the heroes of fairy tales and cartoons – Peter pan, Dumbo the elephant, Snow white, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Sleeping beauty castle, which is the real dragon Cave. Fans of science fiction will enjoy “land of discoveries” (Discoverland). This country was founded on science-fiction writers of the NINETEENTH century, and it represents what 100 years ago was just a hunch. It is 9 rides, including a carousel with rockets, go-carts, a flight simulator.

In each country not only has its own specific attractions, theatres, shops and restaurants. At Disneyland Countries are traveling on the train, and this tour takes the whole day. The Walt Disney studios in the European Disneyland was created in 2002. This part of the Park about the movie, here is imbued with guests on set and see how the stunt and costume designers, creating the sets and special effects. The last of the new open theme – “finding Nemo”. In addition to the Park and Studios located in the Disneyland Disney Village, which has a very practical purpose – hotels, shops, pools, theaters, Parking lots.

Disneyland Paris was built in 1992 and since then, every year receives more than 12 million visitors. Park tickets are open date – you can visit Disneyland any day of the year!

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