Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland – a real town with specialty shops, discos, restaurants, cinemas, residential and business areas. Hotels near Disneyland Paris fit into the overall fantastic picture. If you want you can visit a Golf course. More than 12 million tourists come here in search of adventure each year. Most of them stay in local hotels and hotels, getting a unique opportunity to experience this amazing place.

Disneyland Paris (or Marne-La-Vallee, located 32 kilometers from the capital of France) – an extensive entertainment complex including theme parks Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park on the world famous animation studios Park Disney Village with restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, Golf Disneyland (Golf course), business and residential neighborhoods.

Disneyland is designed for children and adults of all ages. Preschoolers and younger students will have a great time in Central Park – Disneyland Park, which includes five theme parks located around the symbol of Disneyland Paris – Sleeping Beauty Castle. This “strange adventure”, “Border country”, “Main road of the United States”, “Country discoveries” and “Stranalandia”. “World of discoveries” is dedicated to the works of Jules Verne and other science fiction writers of the last century. “The main road of the United States” is the street where are concentrated shops and restaurants. She goes to the Castle and can lead you to any of the theme parks in this part of Disneyland Paris.

Walt Disney Studios Park is the best place for Teens. There is amusement created in the style of recent Disney cartoons, rock bands, regularly holds different views with the use of special effects and stuntmen.

Disney Village – for a more adult audience. This is a huge quarter of the size of about 20 football fields, which are located entertainment venues, shops, restaurants and cafes. It is open even after the closure of the other parks.

Golf Disneyland is the best time for those who would like to spend time golfing. The site has 27 holes, and may very well be suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

Disneyland Paris is visited by millions of people each year, most of whom were tourists from other countries. For them in the Disneyland. In particular, in a residential area there are six hotels from Disney. It’s Disney’s Hotel New York and Disneyland Hotel with 4-star Disney’s Sequoia Lodge and Disney’s Newport Bay Club (3 stars), Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe and Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne (2 star). The hotels are owned by Disney and designed in the spirit of the world-famous Studio and its animated movies. In addition, close to hotels recommended by disney, including the Kyriad Hotel, Vienna International Dream Castle Hotel, My Travel Explorers Hotel, Holiday Inn, and hotels adjacent to the Park (Radisson SAS Hotel Star Val d’europe). For those who want to relax separately, suitable Bungalow Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, which has everything – kitchen, bath and bedroom.

Each of the hotels of the Disneyland resort is decorated in its own style. The subject corresponds to the appearance of buildings and interiors, and even the costumes of the staff. The hotels have all the conditions for rest with children of all ages – from newborns to teenagers.

You can rent a room not only Disneyland, but also beyond – in the city of Marne-La-vallée or Paris. It should be noted that is closest to the Park will cost guests more so if you don’t want to spend too much money, it is best to stay in Paris. For those who want to save, perfect Paris small hotels where you can spend the night for a minimal amount.

Disneyland is outside Paris, 32 km from the capital, and in order to get to the amusement Park, you will need to use public transport. In particular, Disneyland is directly connected with Paris railway line and the metro line. To get to the Park by train or high-speed TGV train, the final destination station of Marne-La-Vallee. The RER train is an Express subway which takes guests to the city from the city centre to the Park in just half an hour. In addition, you can take a bus to the RER station. Bus connections between Paris and Disneyland, and between hotels and the Park entertainment. The only exception is the Bungalow of great Davy Ranch, which buses do not go.

If you prefer to travel by car to reach Disneyland, you need to follow the A4 motorway where in the Park is the Congress.

The Park is visited by over 10 million people a year, so if you’re going to go to Disneyland, you need to take care of booking rooms in hotels. Despite the fact that the Park is surrounded by extensive infrastructure, existing housing stock is not always enough, and the demand for rooms is growing. The same problem can occur with attractions. Solve using special pass – fastpasses that you can get for free in limited quantities and which provide the opportunity to go on rides without waiting in line.

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