“Heide-Park” – the biggest Park of attractions of unprecedented

The amusement Park “Heide-Park”, located in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath near the town of Soltau, opened in 1978. Thrill-seekers there are special attractions. “Heide-Park” – one of the largest leisure parks in Germany. It is located in the middle of a unique artificial landscape with an area of 90 hectares.

Want to see the world unusual angle? Then take a ride on a roller coaster “Limit” in the “Heide-Park” – and the next start of “Formula-1” will seem childish prattle. Lovers of ancient attractions, of course, like the wooden rollercoaster “Colossus”, built in the style of the early twentieth century. Stand ride is reminiscent of lace, woven from thousands of wooden beams. And while on the roller coaster “Colossus” no dead loops, riding on them can not be called a cozy walk: cabin the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world reach speeds up to 120 km/h. Up, down, sweet heart freezes in terror. This is not an illusion: unique riding “the Octopus” – Germany’s first diving slide really starts with free fall. This is a good start of the trip: adrenaline rush guaranteed. Visit the themed areas of the Park, such as the “land of forgotten ancestors”, “Transylvania”, “the Pirate Bay” and others. The Park will get a lot of pleasure even for the youngest guests. Ponravilasi and those who want more relaxed entertainment: the Park regularly hosts a variety of events, shows featuring dolphins, sea lions and ferocious pirates, interspersed with performances of acrobats and stuntmen. Notable not only for the Park itself, with its many unforgettable attractions, but also ‒ not least ‒ the people who work in it.

The Board of expert

“Heide-Park” is ideal for families with small children. Here, children can spend hours to play, run, climb, and splash and ride on a fantastic carousel, travel through the Fabulous forest and just one day to visit with pilots, seafarers, sailors, machinists and drivers. Zone “Lucky Land”, set in the Wild West, will especially enjoy the children up to 12 years: in the cabins of the Ferris wheel “Western”, reminiscent of large wooden barrels, small daredevils accompanied by an adult can ride right from the age of three. Unforgettable impression on the young guests of the Park and “Indian” roller coaster, and a spacious children’s Playground. In the Park you can spend not one, but a few days, settling in one of 81 colorful wooden houses camping “Holiday Camp”. And spacious themed hotel “Port Royal” 4**** ‒ now the lair of pirates! Features 166 guestrooms, all decorated in pirate style and have everything necessary for travelers with children.

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