In Nagatinsky Zaton

Residents gave the go-ahead to build a children’s amusement Park in Nagatinskaya floodplain

In Nagatinsky Zaton has started construction of Russia’s largest children’s amusement Park. It will be placed on the vast territory of Nagatinskaya floodplain. How will be the building of a theme Park and what to expect of local residents in an interview with our correspondent said the head of the district Irina Dzhioeva.

– Irina, tell us the truth if the builders already out on the site of the future Park?

Irina Dzhioeva (I. D.): Indeed, work on the creation of large-scale complex has already begun. While settling in there home town, removed asphalt and tiled covering. Currently, the floodplain is already enclosed by a fence, because the construction site is a risk.

– What is the expected scope of the development of the Nagatinskaya Poyma?

I. D. . This is a really ambitious project. The area of Nagatinskaya floodplain, included in the draft plan is 92,85 ha, and total area of objects of capital construction will be 280,2 thousand sq m.

I Want to say that the construction of a preserved natural component. Because in addition to the theme Park, in the Northern and centralinista floodplain is planned to organize the landscape, and walking paths for Hiking and Cycling, and also to equip the promenade on the Strelka of the floodplain.

– In addition to the theme Park and walking areas, what else is planned?

I. D.: On the territory of the floodplain will be placed indoor entertainment complex with a cinema, a concert hall, a hotel complex and a children’s yacht school, food court, themed cafes.

– How will be solved the issue of transport accessibility to the new center of leisure and entertainment?

I. D.: We understand that the construction of such a massive complex, the flow of visitors is no less serious. Therefore planning and development of road infrastructure. For example, through the territory of Nagatinskaya floodplain will be the new transport artery. Will also thought the construction of frontage roads to service facilities on the territory of the floodplain. And visitors will consider several options for Parking: surface and underground at the entrance to the complex, concert hall, South station and along Prospekt Andropova.

– I ask the locals what they want to see in place of the floodplain?

I. D.: Certainly, the project of building the Nagatinskaya floodplain was submitted for public hearing in March of this year. Moreover, the participants of the hearings were not only residents, but also employees of organizations and enterprises located on the territory of Nagatinskiy Zaton. They are actively interested in what will be built there, asked questions of the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, expressed their opinions. Was a very constructive dialogue. I sincerely hope many will appreciate this project when residents will get a neat Park, which will be nice and interesting to spend your leisure time at any time year and in any weather.

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