In Sochi build the biggest on the planet extreme amusement Park

In Krasnaya Polyana will be the biggest Park of extreme entertainment. Its construction will complete by the end of this year. Visitors can ride the giant swing and go on the longest pedestrian suspension bridge over a picturesque gorge. And in Sochi the adrenaline would offer to fly on a jet of water, or to participate in sports completely under water.

On the beach in Sochi now are not only for a summer tan, but for the sake of adrenaline. Water head man rises to a height of ten meters.

Exotic for Russia flyboarding was a beach a hit this holiday season in Sochi.

Alexander leopard, instructor: -You see, people have not yet flown. Well, he flew by plane there. And so in order to control the flight and body is the dream.

And the closer the Olympics, the more entertainment. For those who prefer to be underwater, in the local dolphinariums are ready to teach aquathlon. A sportsman’s task is to tear the legs of the opponent ribbon. The main struggle though, and remains hidden to the eyes of observers, but all emotions on the surface.

Marina Heman: Very unusual. This has not happened here and are very happy that everything is new again try.

But taragona was anywhere else in the world. In Krasnaya Polyana the biggest building on the planet extreme amusement Park. Here you can fly over the mountain gorge, to jump from a height of 200 meters and walk over the chasm on a hanging bridge.

AJ Hackett, the designer extreme Park, Sochi is a perfect place geographically. And people here are open to everything new and extreme. We were lucky that our Park will be located here.

Boris Maksudov, correspondent: – that of extreme sports in Sochi really great future here understand the first step. This Playground is the largest in Europe ekstrimalka is located at a height of 30-storey building. On one side mountain views on the other – the sea. And on the beaches here look really down.

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