“Kidburg” entertain regions

The network of children’s parks “Kidburg” started to use the funds invested by the Fund CapMan. It extends the network of regional projects.

Russian network of children’s educational and entertainment parks Kidburg, which last year raised funds of CapMan investment Fund to accelerate the development, announced plans to begin work at once in several Russian regions. By the end of 2015 “Kidburg” is planning to open in St. Petersburg and Moscow Zelenograd. In 2015-2016, projects educational activities (the”city of professions”) should appear in Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl and Voronezh, in the last two – together with the franchise, the report said Ceremony.

A year ago in “Kidburg” invested investment Fund CapMan Russia II, which is managed by CapMan. It has acquired for an undisclosed sum a 40% stake in LLC “Kidburg”, funded by “further expand the company’s activities in Russia.” Then partner CapMan Russia Alberto Morandi told “Vedomosti” that the investor plans to develop theme parks “Kidburg” in most Russian cities with a population of over 1 million people. Only in 2016 “Kidburg” plans to launch 6-7 projects – children’s “occupations” and interactive Museum-theater “Skazkin house.”

According to “SPARK-Interfax” (based on the EGRUL), a 100% stake in OOO “Kidburg” belong to the Cyprian offshore “Oleconvertor limited”, revenues Ceremony for 2014 amounted to 106.4 mln net loss – RUB 16.8 million Earns the network a ticket – for example, in Moscow they cost depending on the age of the visitor from 400 RUB

The first children’s “city of professions” Kidburg, opened in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg. Now the network has six projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, said a company spokesman, the average area of one Park is about 3000 square meters In new areas of the site will be less – about 2,000 sq m, will house the most popular play area, Bank, hospital, police station, post office, emergency service, construction, bakery.

The minimum investment in one project, working on the franchise, and 72 million rubles (at the area of 2000 sq. m), said the representative of the network.

Industry of children’s goods and entertainment in the last two years on the rise, says CEO “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov. In some specialized shopping centers there is already a glut – there at the same time has several operators of children’s products, he States. A children’s amusement parks is one of the few segments where there is potential to attract new consumer audience, says Burmistrov. But the launch 6-7 projects a year he considers too ambitious with such haste may lead either to the emergence of platforms in places with non-obvious result, or to the loss of investor interest in this format. A more realistic plan, according to Burmistrova, is to open 3-4 projects per year.

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