Magic the Europa-Park in Germany

One fine day, while traveling to our family in the South of Germany we were lucky enough to be close to rust to visit Europa-Park — one of the most famous parks in the world, with a vast territory, with many attractions and owned by only one family, Mack .

The amazing feature is that here are all the principal countries of Europe . Portugal, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France and many others. For each country selected separate territory where you can feel the national character, which manifests itself in architecture, Souvenirs and, of course, the kitchen.

Children were running as usual from one side to the other, not knowing what to try. For example, in miniature of Holland, you can eat the fish in France is to taste national dishes, Flammkuchen and Crepes, Italy — pizza, in Germany, of course, sausages.

Throughout wandering animals, symbolizing the particular country that you are playing with and Photographed the kids. Russia is represented by imposing a bear :).

For General guidance about Europa-Park in Germany suggest a ride on the train with stops in almost every country, or to experience the comfort of monorail.

The official symbol of the Europa Park in Germany is a mouse and his girlfriend busily Mays, which can be found in different parts of the Park narazonych national costumes of different countries.

And what a great theme! Once in Greece, have been visiting the mighty Poseidon.

After a short while they waited for the extreme rafting on the Scandinavian fjords.

Without slowing the pace, went to the roller coaster, where we all decided to scream from pleasure and fear.

And in the “native area” we waited for the walk on the “Mir space Station”, an exciting ice performance and probably the most popular attraction Blue fire from “Gazprom”. The kids actually picked out :).

The design of the Park very much. Say that his appearance is constantly monitored by hundreds of designers and gardeners.

Here is it’s been a journey ;). Fascinating and unforgettable, especially for kids who the next day after the arrival of the request in the Europa-Park in Germany.

All who plan to go there, I would like to share some of my observations. Residents of rust go to the Park for free . such is the gratitude of the Mack family for the patience of the local population, and therefore, we often met people, mostly men, shot down in groups and annealed in such a composition, and their constant companion was wild laughter I. cigarette! I do not understand what gratitude is such to allow Smoking in a children’s Park, but that is the reality. A few hours later we have not paid attention to them, well in advance avoiding such crowds, but unpleasant precipitate remained, though not for children, who enthusiastically invaded the territory of different countries without noticing these trifles :).

In the Europe Park there is a hotel, visitors which traditionally offers a variety of bonuses . including the entrance to the grounds 30 minutes before the official opening. During this time, you can freely go to the most popular rides, which then can not get because of the huge queues.

So all in all the Europa-Park in Germany loved its diversity and incredible atmosphere.

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