Family Mirabilandia Ravenna

Sometimes you want to throw all serious business and just have a good time, to remember the reckless childish pranks. To forget about work and get fucked in an amazing place called Mirabilandia.

Mirabilandia is a fascinating country childhood

Mirabilandia is one of the famous Europe’s amusement parks and it is located in Sunny Italy, near the popular resort town of Rimini. Azure Adriatic sea, lush gardens and parks, pristine lakes, stunning beach, Mirabis with amazing sandy beach — everything here beckons relaxation and fun. In this unique place erased age differences: children and adults equally have fun and frolic from April to October.

The amusement Park attracts visitors from around the world decorated with the pirate city: the old fortress, and flags with pirate symbols and dogs roaming its streets. This is an amazing center, in which 85 hectares, visitors can enjoy numerous attractions, circus, 3D cinema, theatre and music venues, ballet on ice, stunt show, water Park, foam party for kids, laser show. The Park has many bars, pizzerias, ice cream kiosks, a restaurant, decorated in a pirate style. And — nepovtorimymi endless fun. So forget about boredom and have a smile, because a sad face there was nothing to do. We guarantee that You will find the ocean of positive emotions, lots of laughter, the thrill. You’re right with the world of childhood and forget about all the problems.

Themed areas, rides, shows, Park Mirabilandia

The Park is divided into two parts: thematic zones, each of which is peculiar, and attractions. The attention of visitors of different ages will attract the following areas:

— Pirate lagoon — the Ruins of new York city- Old Europe — Country adventure — the World of motors — the City of the sian Ka’an — Dolce Vita — kid’s Metropolis

In the Park Mirabilandia — 40 ultra-modern amusements, which delighted visitors of all ages.

For younger visitors in the “Children’s Megalopolis” there are numerous sandboxes, swings, space for outdoor games. The child will remember the fun with fairy tale characters your favorite tunes from the cartoons. The kid will feel absolutely happy, if You still and offer him his favorite treat — ice cream.

For young fans of extreme sports provides a journey into the dinosaur egg, which they do alone.

Fans of “Formula 1” fans of acceleration, I suggest to try the fastest ride in the Park Mirabilandia called “i-Speed”. You will speed up to 100 km/h in 22 seconds, steep turns, and then fall at an angle of 90 degrees. Captures the spirit of this race!

The most terrible attraction in the world think of the famous “Katun”. It’s an inverted roller coaster, which reaches a height of 50 m, the speed exceeds 100 km/hour on loop 360 degrees, weightlessness, changes speeds and incredible turns.

In the summer heat, refresh yourself with a swim in the cool lake. Fancy a dip you can make in the attraction “Niagara”. In front of your eyes occurs the famous Niagara falls? Great! And it is very similar! For You, breaking on the boat journey across the lake rise to a height of 25 m and with great speed fall down, creating a fifteen-foot wave. Millions of spray envelops You, causing a storm of delight.

Fans of space fiction will be interesting to plunge into the world of extraterrestrial civilizations and visit the depths of the universe, visiting the attraction “Reset”. You sit in the spacecraft “Columbia” or “discovery” and experience the feeling of vertical takeoff. Scary.

For devotees of horror stories perfectly fit the “Rio Bravo”. It’s an aquatic adventure of the Ghost town on special gutters-trolleys. During the journey You are waiting for a meeting with the dead, ghosts, maniacs and other evil spirits. The blood cools from these horrors! So well the actors perform their roles.

In the Park are allowed to explore the many water slides, bridges, towers, from which you can descend to the sounds of the flammable blood of Latin music.

In addition, the Park Mirabilandia are spectacular theater productions and shows.

Popular “Police school” (Scuola di Polizia) — car show in the style of Hollywood action movies with racing, chases, fights, action scenes that are performed by experienced stuntmen.

Spectacular special effects and laser show “Night Show”, one of the best in Europe.

Those who love dancing will love the “Caos Latino”, a thrilling spectacle with a kaleidoscope of unforgettable emotions and colors.

Mirabilandia — play Paradise for children and adults

Buy tickets for the whole family, gather things, bring a good mood and spend a few days in the Italian amusement Park. Believe me, Mirabilandia — the island of his childhood, which will give You unforgettable emotions.

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