Named the most visited sites in the world

The rating was compiled on the basis of the annual report Global Attractions Attendance Report (GAAR), which is traditionally devoted to the analysis of amusement parks and water parks, and visits to museums. In addition, they considered the private data of the tourist spots, if the object is not selling tickets.

So, the most popular place in the world called Istanbul market, the Grand Bazaar, which is visited annually by 91 250,000. This unique indoor market with a XV century is 52 street and is so huge that it feels like it is a separate city within a city. Tourists come here polyubovatjsya ancient arches of the market building, to buy ceramic Handicrafts, carpets and jewellery in the Byzantine style.

In second place was the main square of the capital of Mexico — the Zocalo, which is located in the historic center of Mexico city. It is annually visited by 85 million people. The rectangular square in the Baroque style is more than 46 thousand square meters and is the largest in Latin America. In the global rankings of the largest squares in the world Zocalo ranked second, second only to red square.

On the third place of the world ranking — new York times Square. Here is the famous Broadway theaters and many shops and neon signs and interactive signs have made times Square almost the main character of the turbulent life of Manhattan.

Fourth-fifth places are shared by all other American landmarks Central Park in new York and Union station in Washington. The total number of visitors — nearly 40 million people a year.

In sixth place — the main street of Las Vegas called Las Vegas Strip. It semikilometrovaya section of Las Vegas which is held annually 30.5 million people.

The seventh-the eighth places with an equal number of visitors — attractions Tokyo Shinto Shrine, Meiji Jingu Shrine and Sensoji temple.

Meiji Jingu Shrine is considered to be a unique example of Japanese temple architecture. The sanctuary is located in the center of Tokyo and occupies an area of approximately 710 sq m, and Sensoji is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. These attractions are visited annually by 30 million people.

In ninth place was Niagara falls. Its beauty attracts many tourists from all over the world, which contributes to the prosperity of the cities situated on the banks of the waterfall — Niagara falls (NY, USA) and Niagara falls (Ontario, Canada). This waterfall is considered the most powerful in North America by volume of water passing through it. See with your own eyes a miracle of nature come 22 million tourists a year.

Top 10 most visited places in the world Grand Central station in new York, which is superior to any other station in the world by number of platforms and ways. Every year there is 21.6 million people.

It is noteworthy that in the top 50 most visited places on the planet were 15 theme parks, including the famous Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland in California and Tokyo DisneySea, as well as South Korean theme parks Everland and Lotte World. In total, about 120 million visitors come on vacation to amusement parks every year.

Top 20 most visited sites in the world, people a year

1. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey 91 250 000

2. The Zocalo, Mexico City, Mexico, 85 000 000

3. Times Square, new York, USA, 50 000 00

4-5. Central Park, new York, USA, 40 000 000

4-5. Union Station, Washington, DC, USA, 40 000 00

6. Las Vegas Strip, USA, 30 500 000

7-8. Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo, Japan, 30 000 000

7-8. Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan, 30 000 000

9. Niagara falls, new York and Ontario, U.S. and Canada, 22 000 000

10. Central station, new York, USA, 21 600 00

11. Basilica Of The Virgin Of Guadalupe, Mexico City, Mexico, 20 000 000

12. Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA, 18 588 000

13. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, USA, 18 000 000

14. Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan, 17 214 000

15. Disneyland, California, USA, 16 202 000

16. Forbidden city, Beijing, China, 15 340 000

17. National recreation area Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA, 14 289 121

18. Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo, Japan, 14 084 000

19. The Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, 14 000 000

20. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USA, 13 000 000

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