Parc Asterix in Paris. 10 facts

A huge amusement Park near Paris. As Disneyland. only better.

Asterix (Le Parc Astérix ) is a large theme Park near Paris. By the time of its construction, the French already had a Disneyland. However, they wanted to have not American, and your own entertainment centre. So there was Parc Asterix. Asterix and Obelix – the two heroes of French comic books, cartoons and movies. It’s two Gauls who successfully resisted the troops of the Roman Empire, and besides, with them constantly there are funny situations. This couple (and the entire Gaulish village) is the best suited for the role of an amusement Park is not only national but also international scale.

Asterix and Obelix – favorite comics characters of the French people, as children and adults. And we are with you, they are more known for popular films, with Gerard Depardieu as Obelix.

Sections and rides Parc Asterix

Today the Park has over 30 attractions. Of these, 6 American and 4 waterslides. Attractions there are for visitors of all ages, and have their “national” color. For example, you can take a water trip on “the river” on whose banks is located the Gallic house and “destroyed” the Roman legionaries, and it is possible to go on the ride right at Obelix, sorry, well.

In addition to rides, the Park offers several views. Under the main tent every hour razvorachivayutsya the battle of the Gauls against the Romans, and in the aquatic stage is a representation of dolphins. All views make a lasting impression, even if you are strong in French, and in the case of dolphins knowledge of the language and are not required!

Parc Asterix is divided into five parts – Gaul, Roman Empire, Greece, Vikings and crossing times. Each part has its own unique attractions and many interesting places to stay.

Of course, there were no Asterix and souvenir shops named after himself (here their whole street), area restaurants (food and prices are presented on any taste). The heroes of comic book pacing the paths of the Gallic countryside.

The Gaulish village and the forest of the druids is a Park in the Park. Only here you can spend the whole day. Here you can meet the characters (Asterix, Obelisk, their dog Dogmatix, musician Golasecca, and many others) in their homes to come and try on shoes Obelix and the magic potion to try out on the throne to climb and a couple of Romans to knock the teeth, and relax in the shaded Park you won’t be disturbed.

While working Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix – has a large number of water attractions and views, so it is open only in the warm season, i.e. from mid-April to the end of September. In September and October the Park is open only on weekends. Regular hours from 10 to 18 or 20 (weekend of July-August) hours.

How to get to Parc Asterix

It is located 30 kilometers from Paris. Special buses run to the Park from the Louvre (metro Palais Royal) at 8:45, and back from the Park at 18:30. From the Eiffel tower (July-August) at 12:30 and back at 19.00. Either can be reached by the RER station “Aéroport Charles De Gaulles Terminal 1, Terminal 3” and just beyond the turnstiles you will see the cashier with the tickets to Parc Asterix. The buses here run every 30 minutes. Back the last bus leaves at 19.00. Here you can buy a ticket to the Park.

To buy tickets to Parc Asterix

Some of our tips.

In Parc Asterix, but as in Disneyland you need to go for the whole day. You won’t get less.

One way trip will take at least an hour. Consider this when calculating your time.

The morning queues for rides not. But it is worth remembering that Asterix is preimushestvenno Park with water attractions. In the morning it is sometimes cool and overcast day clothes don’t always dry quickly after some slides. So morning is better to devote a standard attraction, and a hot afternoon – water slides or views in the tent or in the Dolphinarium.

Parc Asterix is considered in France an adult Park. So the majority of visitors here are young people. Although during school holidays and missing children. By the way, kiddie rides there definitely no less than adults.

If you have a travel Paris Visit. you the easiest way to get to the RER station Charles-de-Gaulle, terminal 3 and there buy a ticket. It includes the cost of bus fare to the Park. From the RER station to go to the Park about half an hour. Or you can buy the ticket transfer service from Paris, which is often much more convenient.

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