Park of miracles “GALILEO”

Park of Miracles “Galileo” — is the cognitive-entertainment center, where in a fascinating way to learn how to work and arranged in this or that phenomenon.

Numerous halls, rooms and passages, filled with wonders that will lead guests “Wonderland Park Galileo” — in a huge mirror maze. Through the efforts of scientists, magicians and engineers turned to another reality, another world, not only entertaining, but also informative!

We welcome visitors of any age

Adults: from 33 years and older

Teens: 14-19 years

Youth: 20-32 years

New entertainment for children

How to spend a weekend with the child?

Every week, many parents are thinking about how to spend a weekend with the child. Hours for a walk around the zoo or playing on the Playground, certainly useful, but eventually the monotony gets boring, and parents looking for new entertainment for children.

Best of all, for such events, suitable amusement Park, the complex of which there are different mazes, children’s rides, and sports games. Such entertainment centers, to help the child knowledge in a playful way.

Amusement Park

Learning activities for children of Chelyabinsk, pay attention to the wonder Park Galileo. Apart from the fact that it cobramarine illusions and mazes, it is a kind of laboratory. If you love adventure and participate in conducting physical experiments, the choice of where either is evident.

Scheduled rides include:

Visual illusions.

Machine help find out the speed of your reactions.

Measuring the height of the jump.

The imitation of old movie camera using which one can easily understand how it works, and more.

But the main thing lies ahead of you. Remember a weekend with a child at an amusement Park, and what looks like a panic room, if you was there funny, wonder Park Galileo, will be really scary. Will have to Wade through the dark labyrinth, in search of a passage between the chains and metal bars. The last test will be the biggest room of mirrors, in the form of a huge maze.

So next time wondering where to go this weekend with the child, visit wonder Park Galileo.

Wonder Park Galileo invites you to experience the impact of new tricks!

Be WARNED: the road will be difficult with his secrets and mysteries which we offer to unravel the WHOLE FAMILY! THE ENTIRE CLASS!

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