Port Aventura

Port Aventura is the largest amusement Park in Spain and part of a popular resort. Located in the heart of Tarragona, a 10-minute drive from Salou. The sixth most visited amusement Park in Europe, for a year it receives more than three million tourists.

PortAventura opened in 1995. Today is a theme Park with many rides, a water Park, several Golf courses and a huge lake in General, more than one million square meters. The Park continues to evolve and expand. In 2014, the opening of the family attraction “Angkor: adventure in the lost Kingdom”, which is a rafting on an artificial river with a length of 300 meters, full of dangers and wonders of the jungle. In addition, the Spanish Park Port Aventura was honored to be the first European resort to host of the famous Cirque du Soleil.

According to the organizers, PortAventura is divided into 6 areas. Each of them is dedicated to a civilization left a significant mark in history. Here meticulously recreated the characteristic features of each culture, that aims to immerse you in the correct era. To move between them on foot, by train or by boat.

The first part of the Park, where you find yourself – “the Mediterranean”. The most famous attraction – a Mad worm (so named amerykanskiego), which accelerates to 135 km/h. Lovers of cowboy themes will be crazy about the “Wild West”, which has the appearance of a typical sleepy town with saloons and music. Race car, rafting, breaking the drops and rapids and vampire show on Halloween – that’s what awaits you in this part of the Park Port Aventura.

Colonial “Mexico” will appear in all the riot of vegetation and the magnitude of the ancient temples. Slide the Hurricane Condor will lift you to a height of 115 meters and forced to yell at the dead loops and sudden turns. And more than 80 meters of free fall would terrify the most reckless of the brave.

Dragon Han, the most impressive hill zone theme “China”, will rush you through the eight loops. Slide Shambhala charge of adrenaline at a height of 7-storey building. “Polynesia” will meet you “Splash Tutuki” – a boat ride through the caves, full of surprises and unexpected descents. For younger visitors the perfect sesame Aventura – Playground, suitable for even three years old.

Breathtaking shows with a local flavor and restaurants with national cuisine add to the atmosphere. In addition to the “planned” show that the spectators come to purposefully, at any time, you can become a participant of spontaneous games, because the actors of the Park are constantly in the audience.

Another story is the water Park “Costa CARIBE”, a part of PortAventura. 50 thousand square meters of white-sand beaches, pools, palm trees and water slides – all you need for a great holiday.

Take on the highest in Europe the hill “King Kahuna” at a speed of 6 meters per second. Try to overtake friends on one of the slides six tracks of “Quick race”. Take a chance to go to the Bermuda triangle (wave pool) or will go down in the dark on the incredibly twisted hill “Typhoon”. The whole family can ride, “Torrent”.

A lot of playgrounds and slides reserved for kids. Children’s pools, interactive fountains, water sources, Jacuzzi’s, slides and even a real Pirate Galleon – children behind the ears will not pull out of warm water.

If one day stay in the Park for you seems not enough, stay at one of four hotels in the Park. The room key will also be a free grounds pass to the Port Aventura theme Park in Spain for your holiday.

Came with the kids ( 8 and 13 ) on Saturday morning and the queue was about 100 people! Stood for about an hour.

Tickets cost differently based on the needs:

for 1 day ( adults € 45, children € 39 );

2 day ( 73 Euro and 59 Euro );

3 ( 89 Euros and 72 Euros ).

You can take the so-called Express ticket ( additionally approx. another 30 Euros for a one-time pass without having to queue or unlimited approx. 40 Euros ).

Inside throughout the Park and free wi-fi but need to register. The whole Park is huge, lots of attractions for every taste, perhaps the highest “roller-coaster” that we have seen the tallest tower of the descent! There is entertainment for all ages. If you do not take Express card, then turns to the most interesting attractions at least 30-40 minutes is quite tedious.

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