Roller coaster

If we decide to still do mass amusements, it is unlikely that we will go around the roller coaster.

Moreover — “all is already stolen to us” (that is, invented to popdance) and the exact date when slides cannot be specified. I mean — you can only track the birth of a classical slides, with carriages on rollers and steep trajectories. Did the Americans in 1927, an attraction called “Cyclone” and was built in new York at Coney island. It’s interesting that it works still, what got in the national Register of historic places of America…

“Cyclone” built of wood that popdance very reasonable. However, from the standpoint of modern man it has a peculiarity — he never extreme. Well, that is so-so, well slide some. People go there as a historical celebrity. On the other hand, at the time of construction it was just extreme. Extremely popular. 25 cents for the trip — it was a lot, but the queues were long.

But “Cyclone” were built in the place of another — “Switchback Railway,” which was just a simple slope irregularities, was built in 1884, cost of tripper 5 cents and was also popular.Trailers, it went just under the force of gravity and just the rails, there were no modern clips that hold the under side slopes. In fact, the extremum it was no more than the carousel.

Here the situation is such that roller coaster (roller coaster) give only one feeling — the feeling of speed. That’s just the modern man to surprise a speed difficult. It is therefore now introduce the different flips in the turns or trailers without a bottom. And in ancient times was the fastest horse gallop around 60 km/h and then — in a very short time. Well, as the bike slides. Only here unlike bike horse jumps up and down and the speed feels smaller (though much worse on a horse). And now imagine that person is rushing with such wild speed, and even down! At the same time — not all had the experience of riding at a gallop (and indeed the experience of riding a horse on horseback, all sorts of noble ladies prefer coach). Here are guaranteed the most simple roller coaster will give adrenaline half-life!

So the farther into antiquity, the easier it will be to impress the natives. It may be that you will just need a long straight where cars will accelerate faster than a horse. To brake enough to make the descent into the water, if the depth will be calculated in a few centimeters, the trailers effectively and effectively stop.

The disadvantages of roller coasters too. First- it’s still a complex engineering structure, typically hundreds of meters in length. And if the trailers will go only by the force of gravity, to calculate the slope will not be so easy, but to implement it in the material — only the plumb line and the ruler is not enough. In addition, the speed also dictates the requirements as to the trailer and to the track. Secondly, they are non-transportable. That is to make them mobile booth will not be released, such small and short slides no surprise and money to bring will not. And big… I have Enough problems with a water trap in a new place, to the idea of moving to withdraw. And last — and whether the aborigines to pay for it? Because among other things, there is the Church, which from time to time banned all entertainment — up to singing or dancing. However, such inclinations were in all religions, without exception, is simply an attempt of monopolization of human emotions. Of course, the peasants of this slightly adhered, but the peasants is not the audience that will pay for such utter garbage…

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A cockroach is called Prussian we and the hare from them. Not sure about “they”, for which he bought… And transportable roller coaster is. Traveling circus brought. The whole structure portable, doragon car wheel with the motor on a couple sections of the trajectory, the total length is 100 meters. I decided not to climb there — it’s really scary when all worn the design of the sausage with the passage of the wagons, support crawl on concrete, rail squeaks, backlash in the bolted joints of the sections, the truck screeches and smells like burnt oil… If it was an ILLUSION of danger, they solid five, but it was more like an apathy — I would not want to be in this shit, when it suddenly falls apart.

They are now when the metallic designs with engineering precision and a heap of plug-in connections (not just screwed). And you imagine that your choice is limited. Yes, there will not squeak, but just crumble.

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