The amusement Park Tusenfryd

“A thousand pleasures” can be found 20 kilometres from Oslo. Here is one of the most famous in Norway amusement parks. Tusenfryd was opened on 11 June 1988. The idea to build such a complex close to the capital justified. Tusenfryd is visited annually by almost half a million guests. Initially the focus was on family vacation and rides, capable how to shake and provide a good adrenaline rush.

Certainly one of the most extreme entertainment is the carousel “Spider”, similar worldwide, only three. Emotions after the rental will be unforgettable. The one who has the courage to experience all the delights of this entertainment, have to endure a few minutes then complete weightlessness, rapid emission top speed 115 km/h. You are under very significant pressure.

A roller coaster ride that is ready to offer you Tusenfryd, without exaggeration, the coolest in Scandinavia – a few “dead loops” and the speed of 100 km per hour. Not less popular in the Park and the dramatic fairy-tale world in 4D, which is called “Thor’s Hammer”. Cars that rotate 360 degrees and bend in any direction, bring the world of Scandinavian fairy tales, created on 10 projection screens with amazing landscapes.

Rides very much. This and the pirate ships, swift suscipe water, and falling from the tower, of course, not without wheel review. Many “shooters” and entertainment for children. Kids can ride the train or car, to fly with him up in the carousel “Butterfly” to dizziness to roll on the “Octopus”, play with the animators or take the risk to go into the cave of horrors. Young Park guests are always waiting to visit the local mascot Freud in his new house.

Speaking about the amusement Park Tusenfryd not to mention stores. They ought to say, unique and very reminiscent of the fabulous museums. Toys, Souvenirs, sunglasses, raincoats, fruit ice, soda and candy – in short all dreams of a child, and adult (secretly). Specialized shop of soft toys, immediately take prisoner. To leave here without buying and good wishes impossible.

Laboratory “Wild West” will give you an incredible opportunity to feel like a cowboy and leave a memory of pictures in retro style. The store with the interesting name “Cute and crazy” such a selection of ice creams and sweets that you must try everything. To eat is not a problem. The Park has its own bakery. Guests always expect freshly baked rolls, signature waffles with ice cream and cakes. The pizza restaurant provides treats to your eyes and if desired, even according to your recipe.

In 2000 Tusenfryd opened a small water Park. Since the rides in the Park is very extreme, the safety of our guests is a top priority at Tusenfryd. The Norwegian state Railway inspection is to check annually all the sights in the Park in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

In addition it is also just a very beautiful natural Park. 55 acres of green space, beautiful flower gardens and emerald hills is so called for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

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The amusement Park Tusenfryd
"A thousand pleasures" can be found 20 kilometres from Oslo. Here is one of the most famous in Norway amusement parks. Tusenfryd was opened on 11 June 1988. The idea…

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