The best parks of Moscow attrazione

After a busy day or week will immerse the whole family into the magical world of amusement parks of Moscow. Fortunately, in this glorious city is where to have fun. All fun – cars, trains, merry-go-round on chains and do not count. And in some parks there are just rare instances. Loads of fun for children from three years to infinity, the different directions and numerous fun – all at your service all year round! You just have to choose what you want today, and we will tell you what theme parks of Moscow the most suitable for you.

Amusement Park in Moscow

For example, in Moscow on Prospekt Mira is a unique “triple” family entertainment, several harnessed to the carriage horses, which you yourself can manage. For childish fun there are electric cars, they are allowed to dispose of the children who turned three years old. Also, the merry-go-round on chains, a carousel with animals and boats. Still, the little colored locomotives. For adults games adults: “Tower corkscrew” breathtaking (the capsule flies up initially and then rapidly goes down), “enterprise” (big circle, kotoryjraspolagaet like a space ship and begins to spin in different directions), “Capsule”, a huge glass karting. Doors open from 11 OCE hours, seven days a week.

Babushkinskaya Park

Park “Babushkinsky” street Menzhinsky 6 offers for fun kids helicopter ride “Waltz” (revolving cabins in the form of shells), fun jumping on the trampoline, adorable babies, chain carousel and the train. You can ride on horseback. This Park is more aimed at entertaining children, but the ticket prices are affordable. To work swing start with 10 hours.

Amusement complex “Fun”

Extensive leisure facilities will find in the amusement complex “Fun” in the Park “Izmailovo” in the prospectus of people’s, 17. Fun here, really, for every taste, no one will miss. For older kids there are thrill rides. Most major attractions – crossbow-archery shooting range, bumper cars, flying elephants, bumper boats, a climbing wall, a “Dance party”. There are large fun for the whole family, for example, “Family carousel”, a large and a small Ferris wheel. Together you can take a trip on the tour train. A separate children’s town “fairy Baby”, which includes about 15 of the rides, designed for children from 3 years. Works complex with 12 hours on weekdays, and on weekends an hour earlier.

Panda Park

Panda Park threw their rope trails in several parks in Izmailovo there are two tracks in Gorky Park in Sokolniki, in Tsaritsyno” ( calculated even for the smallest climbers) and Fili(biggest and highest adventure Park). Experience a new thrill. Recharge your drive and positive emotions. Varying in length and complexity of the routes is designed for professionals and new fans of sports entertainment. If you like to ride with the wind, rushes to Kuzminsky Park directly next to it you will see a circuit with electronic cars, ATVs and cars-buggy. Immediately prepared to walk horses and ponies. Choose what you like best.

Amusement Park Tushino

Amusement Park “Tushino” Freedom street 56 will surprise you with the legwork in the water balls (zorbing). With their help you will easily run on water without wetting even sneakers. Attraction UFO installed to the delight of young space travelers. And they’re bold and brave crew embark on a journey to the “Cave” to the sea robbers. Begins his work the mysterious Luna Park at 10 am.

Sokolniki Park

The oldest Moscow Park “Sokolniki” prepared for family holidays huge range of attractions. Besides the usual chain of roundabouts, swing in a dish – “Disco” and “Calypso”. Also, it is possible to smoothly whirl on the Ferris wheel. Race cars on the circuit. To move around in a circular booths – “the Gingerbread man” and the booths in the form of shells, “Waltz”.

Tagansky Park

On the territory of Tagansky Park is another favorite summer activity – pool with boats, water attractions. But in other seasons there is something to do. For example, a neat Playground for kids, with slide and sport items. Also, road town, soft maze with a dry pool and many modern trampolines for the young “grasshoppers”. Waiting for you here every day from 10 am to 9 PM.

The Park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow

Want more positive emotions and new sensations? Please! For example, many of the rides in the Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow, located near m. Marino in Filescom Park on Bolshaya Filevskaya (by the way, with year-round skating rink), there is still entertainment area on festival’naya str., 4/2. Rest and gain strength!

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