The Man in the cage

The worst rides “the Man in the cage” from around the world:

Without a cage the chances of swimming with a massive saltwater crocodile and stay alive is approximately equal to zero. However, for brave souls who wish to become better acquainted with the CROC, Australia has opened a new attraction: Bay of Cricosaura (Crocosaurus Cove). Visitors to the attraction can see a crocodile face to face, while being in a safe and transparent cell, affectionately called “cage of death”.

Only 4 cm organic glass, pair of goggles and a swimsuit separate thrill seekers from the jaws of the saltwater crocodile Choppy (a Choppa).

A hungry six-foot predator several times hitting the box from Plexiglas, located on the ice, which hides a helpless Gordon Buchanan (Gordon Buchanan).

Filmmaker Buchanan shows extraordinary persistence, while the polar bear is 40 minutes attacking the cell in search of the weaknesses of the protective structure.

“This is the most difficult and scary thing I’ve ever experienced. Before that I had never felt that fear for 40 minutes.” Expert wildlife of Scotland filmed this strange creature in Svalbard, in Northern Norway, for his series “Family of white medvedei I” (The Polar Bear Family and Me) shown by the BBC.

The diver faces the jaws of death, fending off a Great white shark by poking it in the face, then puts her hand to her mouth.

Another opportunity to see estuarine crocodiles, this time instead of plexiglass you will have to separate the bars.

Four passengers of the jeep probably felt the breath of death, when the lion jumped on the hood of his Breakfast. However, this is all part of the attraction. Jeep allows visitors of the zoo to see lions with an incredibly close range.

The rear of the car up to where it should be windshield actually covered with a transparent box made of reinforced glass. On the hood specially throw the meat to the kings of the jungle and approached the jeep.

About 200 brown bears are growing at a bear farm in the Park’s must-Bears (Noboribetsu Bear Park), located on the top of the mountain of Kuma. Bears live in groups divided by age. At first the farm there is a “cage for humans”, where you can observe the bears.

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