The most extreme attractions in the world

Extreme tourism may be different in its manifestations. For some it’s a three-week hike in the woods without supplies of provisions, and the existence of scrounging for someone alloy at near vertical rapids of a mountain river, well, and for someone on a trip abroad in order to visit the coolest attraction at least, break shoes, head-piece and the roof with delight with them.

If you still believe that “roller coaster” in your hometown is the top of the slope and jump to the sea with elastic band on the leg down from the bridge just the limit of madness, now we’ll tell you what it means to be truly extreme attraction.

1. The big three: catapult “Big shot” Carousel “Madness” trailers “X Scream”,

Americans know how to surprise and do the show. Their tall tower stratosphere is home to three very extreme forms of entertainment. At first glance “the Big shot” is no striking in addition to size – surely such a vertical catapult you somewhere already seen.

Here, however, just get a grasp of the numbers: at speeds over 70 mph and you will be lifted to a height of about 350 meters, overload and laying the ears of professional pilots you provided. Then you will find a free fall from the same height, during which rips off shoes and hats, so sussendenga what not so sorry.

Carousel “Madness” is in fact a normal roundabout, with the amendment that is held on the rod that hangs down from the roof edge directly into the abyss, revolving at great speed. Hanging on 300 meters altitude, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that the seat lean sideways and you find yourself just hanging on the safety belt, circling at altitude at an incredible speed…tight is better not to eat Breakfast.

Trailer “X-Scream” is swaying like a swing, the rail, also located on the roof of the stratosphere tower. Of course, the angle of inclination approaches 90 degrees and of course beyond the edge of the roof. However, the craziest idea of designers is that the trailer when braking as if flies off the rails and stops only at the end when the whole audience screams hysterically and prepare to fly down.

2. The coolest roller coaster

Also located in the U.S. state of new Jersey and is called Kingda Ka. Slides are distinguished by great length, steel performance, and amazing speed performance, just imagine: you will see up to 200 mph in less than 4 seconds.

Additionally, these slides can surprise the fastest free fall and more than 160 kmh, so a snack will be served the highest peak, which you climb with a speed of 150 mph – not much, the height of a 45 story building.

3. The fastest roller coaster

To beat advances in the speed of the trolleys “roller coaster” could in the UAE – there is created a complex Formula Rossa, in Ferrari Park, and all these crazy races is tuned for the maximum speed. Will ride not so much, only fifteen minutes, but the speed of the trolleys will be outrageous – up to 240 kmh.

4. The highest waterslide

For a moment delve into a more familiar kind of extreme. Well, who has not been in the water Park and not riding the waterslide? However, in Brazil, in the resort of Fortaleza, radical approached this issue, and more than 25 years ago, there was built a hill, a height which no one interrupted.

In the pool you will have to plunge from the height of 41 meters, about the height of a 15-storey building. In the final segment you will develop a speed of over 100 mph and only then we can advise better to regroup before entering the water.

5. The highest slingshot in the world

Here, the primacy of confident Russia and Saint Petersburg, with its amusement Park “Divo island.” Three huge columns stretched metal cables, a moment of tension…and the capsule with you soars to a height of 75 meters. Cabinet is made in the form of a ball, and, of course, in the process you will hang on its axis with great speed.

6. The fastest free fall

The Japanese also know how to surprise. Imagine that you fly down in a free fall from the height of a 20 storey building, scared? However, what you will, if it is speed up 4 times and you will fly down at the speed of 172 mph? The Japanese thought of this and made the ride Dodonpa, which you will be able to feel like a rocket, flying through the airspace and flying down with incredible speed.

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