The most unusual amusement parks in the world

10th place: “the highlight of the show” amusement Park Phantasialand – space show “Galaxy” — an incredible journey through the milky Way with amazing effects and dynamic simulation of space flight. The more unexpected that in the same Park there is a ride called “adventures in Colorado with Michael Jackson”. Even scary to imagine what lies behind this.

9th place: In Europa Park, you can bypass the whole of Europe in one day. This is the international Park in the world. It is located accordingly: almost on the border of Germany, France and Switzerland, but in Germany.

8th place: In the Park Legoland, if you have time, you can build anything from Lego. Some people manage to collect working models of cars and even helicopters.

7th place: In the new Zealand city Christchurch (Christchurch) can be found on the river Avon not only Canoeing, but also on Vaca – the traditional cake of the Maori tribe. 20% of the tourists come to New Zealand it is in order to learn more about Maori.

6th place: Vietnamese amusement Park Suoi Tien is known for its crocodile farm, where the residents catch up to the horror on tourists, and a journey through twelve “gates of hell” attraction “pirates of the Caribbean”.

5th place: Gallaudet with their own eyes the Kingdom of the XIX century invites Park Dickens World in which everything is related with the characters of Dickens novels. Children’s Playground called “the lair of Fagin,” and the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooged from “Christmas stories” constantly harass visitors.

4th place: Visitors English Diggerland ride all the digging. Roundabouts here are huge diggers, tractors and other earth-moving equipment. The audience is right in the buckets.

3rd place: the Danish “candy” amusement Park BonBon-Land filled with lustful caramel cows with giant Breasts, Horny turtles, and erotic horses. At the same time, the Park allowed both adults and children.

2nd place: Sensitive Europeans struck Lithuanian Grutas Park, bringing together the dark monuments of the Soviet era. A children’s Playground and the zoo is surrounded by a huge sculpture of Stalin and Soviet soldiers-liberators. But most importantly, the Park surrounding the moat, watchtowers, guards and dogs.

1st place: Ocean Dome – man-made ocean in the Japanese city of Miyazaki. It is the largest water Park in the world, equipped with a retractable roof that allows visitors to sunbathe in the Sunny weather. In bad weather and in the evenings the roof closes, and in the Park include the unique illumination system with ultraviolet rays. Inside the Japanese water Park is a man-made rainforest and a mini-volcano that erupts every hour.

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