The Prince of Saudi Arabia “closed” Disneyland Paris

Fahd al-Saud spent on my prom in the famous amusement Park €15 million for Prince, a famous fan of “Disneyland” and not the first time suit up in parks around the world such celebration, told the observer.

The Saudi Prince spent in Parisian “the Disneyland” of €15 million So he celebrated the end of University. According to the French press, the party lasted three days. Along with Fahd al-Saud in the Park rested about 60 people — friends and members of his entourage, told the correspondent of “Kommersant FM” in France Maria Sidelnikova.

“The main alley of the Park was converted into one of the neighborhoods of Paris, the streets of which were played the plays involving the characters of Disneyland. However, perhaps we are talking about a full closure of the Park to the public for three days. Usually such events are held either before the opening of “Disneyland”, or after closing. The Prince — known fan of the Park, previously their holidays he had in “Disneyland” Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Orlando. In addition, according to French Newspapers, 10% of the shares of the Paris Park belongs to the family of al-Saud” she said.

Prazdnovanie such a Grand scale are not uncommon for foreign millionaires.

In 1996 the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah spent his 50th anniversary more than $27 million At the celebration were singer Michael Jackson, and all the guests were treated to exclusive prepared drinks.

In 2004 in Paris the whole week lasted wedding Indian banker Amita Bhatia and daughter of steel magnate Mittal, Vanishi. The cost of the celebration was a record $60 million hundreds of guests were taken to the wedding by a special flight, with the invitation they received in a silver box. The wedding itself was held in the garden of the Tuileries. A special guest was on her, the singer Kylie Minogue.

Wide celebration in 2011 was also President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. On the city Day of Grozny, he spent several million pounds. There were invited international celebrities such as singer Shakira, violinist Vanessa Mae, actor Jean-Claude van Damme and others. That’s when the question about the origins of such funds, Ramzan Kadyrov said that the money given by Allah.

In celebration of the Prince has restricted access to some parts of Disneyland, so for three days some of the rides were not available to the General public.

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