The scariest rides in the world

Today, the construction of large-scale amusement rides is one of the most rapidly developing areas in the entertainment industry, in which millions of dollars are invested. Grand entertainment facilities built around the world – from the United States to Japan. Slides, high multi-storey building; the attraction of free fall; an enormous Ferris wheel and other, equally thrilling rides that attract millions of tourists – fans of extreme sports.

One of the most highest Ferris wheel has long been considered the famous London Eye (“London Eye”) with a height of 135 meters. A full rotation of this wheel makes a little more than half an hour. But recently, Singapore had built a Ferris wheel with a height of more than 160 meters. To make one circle, Singaapore Flyer (“son of Singapore”) should be about 40 minutes.

Another breathtaking attraction is set in USA and is called the Simulator of the launch of the spacecraft. In its creation were used the equipment used for real training of American astronauts. Visitors of the attraction will provide all the sensations of astronauts taking off into orbit.

The original attraction can be considered a catapult “Big Shot” – “Big Shot”, giving visitors the feeling of “free fall”. Ustanovlennuyu USA, catapult picks up participants at more than 320 meters up into the sky and “casts” them from this height at speeds over 100 km/hour. Big shot is the highest ride in the world.

In the United States is the highest carousel in the world that turns the visitors, as if over an abyss, face down at the height of 300 meters. The carousel has a saying called “Insanity” or “Madness.”

The highest “roller-coaster” for years it was a roller coaster “Insato” (in fact is a water slide), built in Brazil in the late 1980s. the Attraction was located at a height of over 40 meters. However, the Kinga Ka roller coaster in the United States surpassed all such rides. Height – 140 m, and develop the speed more than 200 km/h.

The owners of the “crazy” rides assure that these entertainment produce adrenaline, filled with visitors, great energy and happy hormones. One way or another, but it must be remembered that a visit to extreme roller coasters, carousels and other large rides could pose a serious danger to young children, obese people and people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

It is hard to imagine that 120 years ago at the Chicago show was presented the world’s first Ferris wheel. For so long humanity has moved far ahead in matters of attractionvictoria. In this article, we decided to make an overview of the most dizzying and scary rides and attractions of the world created to date.

“Roller coaster” – the so-called Russia iron slides, meanwhile, in many countries they are called “Russian” slides. And it is not casual. The Russians have contributed to the creation of this attraction. In our article we’ll call them the familiar name for us – “us” slides.

Thus, we begin our review.

1. WHITE CYCLONE. Park Nagashima Spa Land, mie Prefecture, Japan.

Duration of trip — 2:38 min.

In 1994, Japan had built a wooden construction of “American” slides tall with 14 storeys scrap. Exactly 1,000 of single-storey buildings one could build from the material that went into the construction of this attraction. This is the most classic roller coaster, so much extreme from them should not wait. In this structure there is only a lot of dizzying climbs and descents.

2. MANTA. Park, Sea World, Orlando, USA.

Duration of trip — 2:35 min.

A feature of this attraction is that the trailer moves under the rails. People who choose to ride on these slides stress 3,7 G, do four unthinkable revolution around its axis, fly almost touching the water.

If you do not get off of the attraction “the Surprise”, this attraction will surely be to your liking. And presents it in a roundabout suspended over the precipice and rotating at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour, gradually spreading its petals with chairs so that people have to hang face down to 290 meters of altitude.

4. Catapult Big Shot.

This is a catapult on the tower height of 350 meters, in Las Vegas. The man who sat down in a chair flying up with the overload of 4G, is experiencing a free fall and comes back.

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