The Vinpearl Land amusement Park

The amusement Park and the Vinpearl Land aquarium – one of the main attractions of Nha Trang Vietnam. In the Bay of the resort town are a myriad of islets, and on one of them – the largest island Honcho – and the property is located. Although it is aimed primarily at children and visit with the whole family, a lot of entertainment provided for adults.

Place to Park was not chosen by chance. Island Honcho is a tropical place with beautiful beaches and virgin forests. Because of the peculiarities of geographical location of Nha Trang, almost not experiencing problems with seasonal rains. In addition, it is removed from the city only 3 km and to get to Vinpearl Land the only one of the world’s longest cable cars – 3300 meters in 9.5 minutes.

Entertainment at Vinpearl Amusement Park

This Park is not inferior to the best in the world similar places, and entertainment that will impress even the most demanding visitor. In the vast area (200,000 m2) along the coast there are several areas, but of particular interest to children is the local amusement Park Vinpearl Amusement Park.

In this world, guests will find a huge number of attractions to suit all tastes – big and small roller coaster, carousel, hall where to magnaport video games. But the most impressive attraction is a huge roller coaster, especially for adults and children older. The Vinpearl Amusement Park, you can witness a colorful show of singing fountains. The beginning light show at 19:00.

Water Park, Vinpearl Water Park and aquarium

The Vinpearl Land amusement Park is a water Park. It presents a complete set of attractions – pools, water slides, including the most extreme and high-speed, slide to Catania on mattresses, swimming pools with calm waters. The main highlight of the water Park at Vinpearl Land – a lazy river, slow the flow, which will move in the air circles.

Local aquarium, though not different sizes and variety of marine fauna, too, is a striking landmark in Vinpearl Land. The main attraction here is a long tunnel that runs directly through the water. The opportunity to observe the life of sharks, stingrays and more than 300 species of fish.

The cost of tickets to Vinpearl Park

The trip to the amusement Park Vinpearl Land in Nha Trang adventure is not cheap. It is best to buy an integrated ticket, which includes travel by cable car, free entrance to all the rides at Luna Park and water Park, a theatrical puppet show for children. The cost of the ticket at the beginning of 2015 – 500 thousand VND (a little less than$ 25) for adults and 400 thousand dongs for the kids. The complex has numerous restaurants and even a food court but the food in the ticket price is not included.

The amusement Park and the Vinpearl Land aquarium – one of the main attractions of Nha Trang. Next to it is eponymous five-star hotel focused on Russian tourists.

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