Theme parks of Florida

In early February, the whole week I was wandering around the theme parks of Florida – Legoland, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom, Sea World and Disneyworld. Story about all these parks I was able to compress that into a single post today.

First we visited Legoland, and he has probably left one of the most vivid impressions. Whether because that was the first, whether due to the fact that the youngest loves LEGO and we have a whole house filled with his crafts.

The main feature of Legoland is miniland is, that is famous buildings and cities, built in miniature out of LEGO parts:

Here you can clearly see the scale of buildings:

Everything is thought out and designed to the smallest detail:

On the paths of the Park offer large pieces of LEGO. This is just my copy – 2 camera, smile, shopping bags with lenses and complexion:

The rides in this Park designed for small children. Younger, who on this day was the birthday, and squealed with delight:

For dessert we went to a local show water skiers:

Struck by the strange guy on the Board

He drove her sitting and sometimes managed to totally jump the Board out of the water and do flips:

Tired tourists snacking on the benches in the arms of a plastic Ronald McDonald:

Park Universal Studios:

Most attractivenesses built based on Hollywood hits. This, for example, called Hulk:

And the worst, in my opinion, this is it. First, you upright deliver to the top and then.

The weather was cold and on the water rides nobody ride:

One of the main pieces of Park – nook Harry Potter:

You can walk through the corridors of Hogwarts, past talking paintings. They do from time to time talking to each other. Just like in the movie:

Animal Kingdom is a zoo, converted into a theme Park. At the entrance you are met by an enclosure with aardvark. That’s how I’ve seen zoos, and the anteater was seen for the first time. In size it looks like a dog, only the head is disproportionately small and narrow:

Hippo surrounded by Malawi cichlids:

In the Park you can ride on a Safari. You put in a forwarding bus and driven through the African Savannah:

You run around the animals and grow a huge baobabs:

It should be noted that in the parks a lot of parents with young children. Specially for them before each ride there is Parking for strollers:

What is the Park without rollercoasters? In the Animal Kingdom it is built inside of mount Everest:

It is interesting to observe people on rollercoaster (roller coaster). Most like it, but there are those who greatly regrets that he agreed to take it for a spin:

And this is Sea World:

As one of the theme uses a huge aquarium, in which swims the mermaid. She dives for pearls for a long time and is under water, communicating with visitors through the glass:

There is also a local Chinese circus a La Cirque Du Soleil. The view is called “under the sea”:

It seemed to me that this guy set a world record for the high jump without a pole:

In most parks there are shows similar to the show in Legoland. Sea World is legowski men were Navy seals, lions and a huge pink beast:

When talking about the theme parks of Florida, we primarily mean DisneyWorld. It consists of 4 parks, the chief and oldest of which – the Magic Kingdom or the Magic Kingdom. Since it began, all the parks in Florida:

To access the house by car is impossible, and from the car Park need to get either on the train or on a paddle steamer:

Under the road above you will curl gulls:

Seen at the beginning of every Disney magic castle? In the Magic Kingdom he built in life-size:

The rides are very different, but most of them are for young children. For example, on this you are slowly floating on a boat moving past the fairy tale characters:

But the main feature are the Magic Kingdom parades. Every day, 3 times a day – morning, afternoon, and night – across the Park is a huge procession of clowns and fairy tale characters:

People stand on the sidelines and waving their hands in greeting. A sense of celebration itself overtakes you, no matter how much you do not resist

The night parade is lit by thousands of bulbs. An unforgettable spectacle

And it all ends with a Grand fireworks display daily

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