Themed amusement Park Ferrari World

Themed amusement Park Ferrari World, which opened in November 2010, is located in the heart of Yas island just 15 minutes ‘ drive from Abu Dhabi, near the race circuit of Formula 1 and Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel 5*. Ferrari world is the world’s largest indoor amusement Park and the first theme Park company Ferrari.

The building of the Park Ferrari World has a unique design, bright red roof is an unusual shape with the largest logo of Ferrari in the world and covers an area of 86 thousand m2.

If you want a great and fun time with friends or family and, moreover, to obtain maximum information about the history and many facts popular auto brand Ferrari, the Ferrari World offers. In the Park Ferrari World, you can relax and have fun for people of all ages.

Just in the Park Ferrari World located 20 rides . they are all somehow associated with the company’s brand Ferrari and automobile industry and more than 30 original cars Ferrari . The youngest fans of the “fast drive” can enjoy such rides as, for example, a driving school for kids, racing school for beginners, a soft play area for children RC car Ferrari.

In a large number of on-site Ferrari world features rides, prednaznachendlya the entire family: recreation trip to Italy on the machines Ferrari ( Bell’italia ), skating inside of a 12 cylinder Ferrari engine on a water ride V12 . 4D cinema Trip with the champion ( Driving With The Champion ), the history of the cars in 4D ( The Racing Legends ), virtual tour of the plant Ferrari in Maranello ( Made In Maranello ), the Cinema Maranello . which his film takes you back to the 1920-ies and more.

Like extreme sports and speed? Then go to one of the four extreme rides in the “World of Ferrari”. The most famous of them – a roller coaster Formula Rossa . with a total length of 2.2 km, accelerates in 4.9 seconds to 240 km/h, the overload level is up to 1.7 G. This attraction is recognized as the fastest in the world!

Another representative of roller coasters – coaster Fiorano GT Challenge . accelerates to 95 km/h and simulates the race between the two teams. Attraction-tower G-Force takes visitors to a height of 62 meters through a funnel located in the center of the building to the roof. Here you can feel the overload level is 3.8 G, which is comparable with the g-forces astronauts during the descent in spaceship “Soyuz”.

Another popular attraction for adults Park Ferrari World simulator Scuderia Challenge . simulating the driving conditions of the drivers of Formula 1 during the competition, and equipped original racing seats and steering wheels. Check in at this attraction confers synchronously with six drivers, the results of the races the winner is determined.

Next to the Scuderia Challenge on platforms equipped with a special system of levers, is also two full car – simulator used by the drivers of Formula 1 for training. Around the car is a semi-circular screen, a virtual image Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi around the driver. These attractions are extra paid (85 AED).

In the theme Park Ferrari in addition to the rides there are specialty gift stores with Ferrari merchandise, a few cafes (Mamma Rossella, Cavallino, Il Podio, Espresso Rosso Rosticceria Modena), the scene, which is the acrobat show La Gara . Luggage storage, entertainment surcharge: shooting gallery, knock down cans, throw the ball to the basket and kind, Parking.

Between the Park Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, the island’s hotels, Yas island and Saadiyat free Shuttle bus.

Regular ticket: 235 AED adult, AED 195 for children (growth up to 1.3 m). Valid for 6 months after purchase.

Award ticket (separate Express queue): 385 AED adult, AED children, 315 (height up to 1.3 m). Valid for 6 months after purchase.

Usual Combi-ticket, the Yas Park Pass (Ferrari World+Yas Waterworld): 360 AED adult, AED 295 child (height up to 1.3 m). Valid for 14 days after purchase, you can visit the parks on different days (one time each).

Premium Combi-ticket, the Yas Park Pass (Ferrari World+Yas Waterworld) (separate Express queue): 575 AED adult, AED children’s 470 (height up to 1.3 m). Valid for 14 days after purchase, you can visit the parks on different days (one time each).

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