Top 10 Theme parks

1. Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL ( Magic Kingdom)

Magic Kingdom is the place where dreams and fairy tales every child come true. Enchanting fireworks, musical parades and famous characters from Disney with stunning attractions, all waiting children in the most famous and best theme Park in the world, which rightfully occupies first place in the Top 10 theme parks in the world.

The magic Kingdom was opened in 1995, and the Park every year attracts an average of 30.5 million visitors. The most famous rides in the Park, the Furies Bako, Tomahawk, Shambhala – expedition to the Himalayas, Tami-Tami, Hurakan Condor, Splash, Silver river Flume and Grand Canyon are also very popular themed parades organize in the Park.

2. Beto Carrero, Brazil ( Beto Carrero World)

Beto Carrero is located in Brazil on the Atlantic coast, South of Rio de Janeiro in Penha. Park Beto Carrero is the largest theme Park in Latin America. It attracts visitors with its many attractions and entertainment shows such as a huge zoo with many rare animals, large Castle of Nations, a real German beer village, island of the pirates theme restaurant and lots of exciting rides, ranging from “Extremelyeasy” where you fall from the height of 93 meters to the popular roller coasters.

In the Park Beto Carrero is also the arena for motocross and go-kart track, designed by Hermann Tilke, the architect of all modern tracks of Formula 1.

3. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark ( Tivoli Gardens)

In the centre of Copenhagen lies the real Enchanted Garden. Tivoli gardens is the most famous amusement parks in Copenhagen, and he has not changed much since its opening in 1843. Tivoli gardens is one of the oldest theme parks in the world and it was under his influence, Walt Disney created the most famous theme Park in the world – Disneyland.

4. Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA ( Disneyland Park)

At Disneyland, you and the kids can swim with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses, dive into the deep blue ocean and fly on a rocket to the stars all in the same day. Park in Anaheim, is the first theme Park Walt Disney opened in 1955, which became the living embodiment of the dreams of Walt Disney about theme Park for kids.

5. Islands of adventure, Orlando, FL ( Universal’s Islands of Adventure)

Theme Park “Islands of adventure” opened next door to Universal Studios Florida in 1999. The Park consists of seven “Islands of adventure” this island, “the Wizarding world of Harry Potter” island “the Amazing adventures of spider-Man”, Marvel Super Hero island, where you can see Iron man, the Hulk, Superman and other super heroes, the island of “Jurassic Park” and the island “the Lost continent”. The eighth island “of the Skull” to be under construction.

6. Universal Studio, Los Angeles ( Universal Studios Hollywood )

Universal studios is an amusement Park based on movies. This is the perfect family theme Park with many adventures, in which you can look behind the scenes of the most famous Hollywood movies and television shows.

7. PortAventura Park, Salou, Spain ( PortAventura Park)

Port Aventura is a theme Park adventure for families and children in Barcelona, it is visited annually by more than 3.8 million visitors. In 2014 in Port Aventura opened a new attraction called “Angkor adventure in the lost Kingdom”, This ride is built on the grounds of the iconic Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. If you love slides, be sure to visit Shambhala roller coaster in Europe, it is the biggest roller coaster.

8. Disney Si , Chiba, Japan (Tokyo DisneySea)

Sea Disneyland, located inside Tokyo Disney Resort, opened September 4, 2001, as a theme Park where visitors can relax in a traditional family amusement Park of Disney. The main attractions of the Park is built on the stories and legends about the sea.

The Park is located adjacent to Tokyo Disneyland, right on Tokyo Bay, Tokyo DisneySea, is a new world filled with the romance of adventure, discovery and fun. In 2014, Tokyo DisneySea was visited by more than 14 million people.

9. Europa-Park, Rust, Germany ( Europa-Park)

Europa-Park is located in South-West Germany between Freiburg and Offenburg, Europa-Park is the largest theme Park in the German-speaking countries, and one of the few that is open in the winter. Park of Europe, is a mixture of high adrenaline rides, cleverly conceived themed areas, beautiful parks, plus around 6 hours of shows including children’s theatre and the ice Revue.

10. Lotte World , Seoul, South Korea ( Lotte World)

Lotte world opened in 1989, Lotte World is one of the main resorts, which is located in the city center of Seoul. It consists of indoor Adventure Park, the world’s largest indoor theme Park. Lotte world is filled with thrilling rides, there is also an ice rink, a folk Museum, a lake, and much more.

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