Unusual attractions: kids Rodeo on a sheep

The rider on the Rodeo in a special helmet for the Rodeo on sheep.

In one song were sung, “Mama, don’t let your baby grow up to be a cowboy,” is perhaps good advice but once children have failed in this sport, they will lose interest in him from an early age. The Rodeo sheep is a new Junior Rodeo, where parents pay money to their children (aged two to six years) planted astride the sheep, and the young riders have tried all possible ways to keep in the saddle as long as possible.

A good rider for such a small lamb.

Imagine riding a semi-wild horse, lasso, spurs, saddles and all riders must weigh no more than 27-28 pounds. Any danger to animals and children is minimized, because the organizers of the Rodeo are very sensitive to the absolute security of all participants. Although there are no generally accepted rules in the sport, the weight limit is installed in order to protect the sheep, while to protect the child uses a helmet and padded vest. Relevant documents about security, of course, the same sign as in a normal Rodeo, but the parents of the riders.

Interestingly, they chatdata like to stay in the saddle or is it from nature?

Bill Armstrong, 69 years, driving the Payson (AZ) Rodeo (the longest in the world of Rodeo) for 25 years, says: “I saw thousands of Rodeo on sheep, but in none of them the child was not hurt. Well, maybe that was scraped. In 99% of cases suffered from their feelings, due to the fact that sooner or later the animals they are overthrown”.

It seems that this little sheep stuck a Burr.

The Rodeo sheep is a fun for all its participants. Kids two to three years to wear a protective helmet and padded vest, and as soon as the child begins to fall leading quickly pulls them out of the saddle so that children can say what actually went on the lamb, waiting a few years to actually enter the arena.

Not sure what he will choose to fall or to continue to drive that way.

As they go? Well, many don’t go and fall, but there are those who manage to stay ahead of the game and then they just lie on the animal, while it is running. In the words of Mr. Armstrong, “imagine a monkey riding a football”. Children are more likely to slide off than fall. By the way, a very important detail for girls – little lady often surpass the skill of the boys because at this age they have better developed coordination.

Have you noticed how clean sneakers in a child? I think they long will remain.

Of course, it is obvious that not all participants in the children’s Rodeo on sheep going to grow up and become real cowboys, but the seven-time world champion Ty Murray Rodeo passion can be a good career start. Even if the child will not receive from the process a lot of joy riding will give him a feeling of self-confidence, no matter how long he stayed in the saddle, even if it is only a couple of seconds, it will be an unusual and exciting experience.

Oh! He still kept. Even sand flies.

Jumps and downs, cries and screams, smiles and support of the crowd, family and guests make the pain of Palani to retreat in a matter of minutes. Especially if you’re the winner! Most Rodeo ends with the distribution of commemorative gifts to the participants, for example, buckles on the belt, while the winner gets a unique prize – new cowboy boots, hat or just a cash reward.

“Hollywood child” depicted in this picture “broke in and stole” the show from locals when his father went on vacation from Los Angeles to Denver to get to the Rodeo. The boy broke a storm of applause and $ 200, which he refused, giving my dad no fuel.

For those who prefer something more tranquil than the Rodeo on sheep, a great option for entertainment will become a sports racing sticks-jump rope. Incidentally, my favorite sport, because those positive emotions that children Express in the moment “- in” had something to compare with.

Kids are taught to avoid obstacles, such as barrels or pails toy sticks-jump rope and they are always ready to lend a helping hand to parents or organizers, if race will be too exciting.

This girl cheer as soon as she starts to go around the bucket-prepyatstvie

Outfit of the Rodeo on sheep.

Rodeo has undergone many changes since then when it was quite unsafe both for human and for animal, sport, adults only, now the focus is aimed at increasing safety and care about the humane treatment of animals. With the advent of Rodeo sheep, Rodeo was a real treat for the whole family from the oldest to the youngest.

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