We are engaged in extreme entertainment

On vacation always come with positive emotions, but for many positive and extreme emotions – concepts are equivalent. This applies in particular to Sheregesh, famous for its well as free-ride, which, no doubt, is extreme fun.

However, to take a SIP of adrenaline in Geshe now you can not only on the mountain slopes. Starting with this season on the mountain will start operating a few extreme rides to skiing and snowboarding in no way connected. Them launches a foreign company, which specializiruetsya on the organization of such kind of entertainment. Full extreme Park to call it is hardly possible, but who knows what will happen in the future?

A few questions about the new direction of extreme holiday in Sheregesh we asked the Director of “Air-Park” Konstantin Boyarkino .

Konstantin, good day, tell us about your company, where are you from?

Our company is called “Air-Park”, we are from Kazakhstan, headquartered in Almaty. In Kazakhstan we started in the ski resort Chimbulak. We are now working in Kazakhstan, Medeo, and a number of other resorts plan to launch the project in Turkey and in the Russian market we prisutstvuyuschie about two years.

We are doing what we the development of active sports and extreme direction of entertainment. That is a ropejumping, trolls, catapults and the like.

What new project you have brewing in Sheregesh, and what attractions you plan to run?

This year we are launching slingshot, trolleys and children’s rides.

What is the trolley clear, the Altai is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists, and what kind of slingshot are you?

As for the slingshot, we can say that this is some kind of ropejumping just the opposite. It works on the principle of a catapult, instead of the projectile from the catapult – man. Two types of them will be: one with a snowmobile will be out and another special propulsion mechanism.

That is, you are going to shoot tourists with a slingshot?

Well, it turns out, a man shoot up somewhere to the level of the 7th floor. But then, naturally, he will not fall, because fastened to ropes, and just stops gradually.

What are the tourists attractions in Sheregesh can try this season, and where will they be located?

We expect that this year will be working slingshot-catapult, will run the trolleys, and there will be some trampolines – but it’s more for children’s entertainment. Rides we place at three points: one in the area along the Skyway, where we put the trolls, the other in the sector And where the lifts, and on section E, we also plan to start later, closer to December. There will also be trolls.

Why Sheregesh?

In our opinion this is a very promising place that has a chance of becoming year-round resort. And our rides are all-weather, can work in summer and winter. It seems to me that the tourists who come to Sheregesh will be interested. There are a lot of young people who tend to get their share of drive, extreme and adrenaline, and we can provide.

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